design at asiastar.

We love design

Here are some excerpts of our work. At Asiastar we love good design.

Logo Design.

Designing logos to look simple isn't easy. Some of the best logos are based on simple designs. Apple, IBM, Coca Cola, Chevron... the big players understand the enormous value a well designed logo brings to a business. This is the most basic part of a branding strategy. 

We are passionate about good logos and frankly it is maddening to see the many poorly made logo designs on our planet. Making the world a better place through better logo design: our mission.

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There are several businesses in this century without a website. It's like saying you don't need a phone to run your business. Today, websites are a given. If we want to check out a product, we Google it. If it isn't on the internet it doesn't exist, right?

Did you know? The most crucial part of building a website isn't the website. Before building web pages and uploading photos we help you come up with a solid plan for a web presence. Then we build it for you.

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You might have a website. Or we might have convinced you that you need one.


Now you are thinking:

I need a newsletter or some advertising posters.

How will I fill all this space that needs information for my company?

How do I make everything look nice? 

We can help you with graphics design, writing copy and translation work too. 

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