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Starting up a company in Laos? Need Paperwork done?

Starting up a company in Laos or changing vital documents (like company ownership) amounts to a lot of work and can be extremely time consuming. Although this is a part of your business you cannot ignore, we know you would much rather focus on your products and customers. We've got your back. Once your business is up and running, we continue to keep your back with various services. Don't worry! Asiastar takes care of the required paperwork for you.


Startup Paperwork: Business Registration

Delegate the busywork! We run the papers to register your business in the Lao P.D.R. - Our trusted advisers and partners know what they are doing. When done, you will have all the licenses needed to legally operate a business venture in Laos: Business Operating License, Tax License, Investment License...

Sure, you can do it all by yourself. We'll teach you how to do it, if you want to. But seriously, who likes to do that kind of thing? 

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Startup Workshop


Come and learn how to register your business in Laos. We'll give you the information needed to run with it yourself, if that is what you want to do. Of course, Asiastar can do it for you for added charges. We appreciate that you are on a budget and can't just be throwing money out, so come and pose your questions. We'll answer them. 

But much more than that, we will also cover important topics like "working in the cultural context of Laos", "how to motivate Lao staff", etc. to give you valuable insights into running a business in Laos. For those still looking for the right business opportunity there will be a chance to network with entrepreneurs already operating in Laos.

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Startup Coaching


Starting up a business any where in the world can be a frustrating and confusing experience. More so in an emerging market. Add to that a lot of red tape.

You need an objective sounding board. Someone with an outside view, who can ask questions that will help you develop a business strategy that works. You need to have someone who isn't afraid to ask the tough questions or advise you to fundamentally rethink your value proposition.

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Accounting and Taxes

Every business needs it, few entrepreneurs enjoy it: Accounting. Collect your bills, receipts and invoices in a shoebox (plastic bag in Laos, due to the lack of shoe boxes) and let us do the heavy lifting.

We'll organize your accounting neatly: The paper receipts and Lao accounting software will be filed according to Lao law. If you want, we can also input all of it into Quickbooks or a similar online accounting tool, giving you cool reports on how your company is doing financially.

Then we can go and file all your taxes for you and negotiate with the tax authorities as needed.

Who needs an accountant?

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Other Stuff You'll need

Visa, work permit, drivers license. Yes, we take care of those too. We'll even drive your car to the technical inspection for you... (we can only help with visa applications etc., not actually give you a visa as sponsoring company). We can help finding a good house to live in a location for your business etc. Let us know what you need.

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