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Meet our team.

David Landes > Founder, CEO

David is the founder and executive director at Asiastar. He is flowing with so many creative ideas, his team can hardly keep up with him. But his creativity and ideas are essential for this business. David moved to Laos in 2005, and has worked in various consulting capacities at different companies. In Germany, his home country, he gathered experience with small business consulting and various event management gigs. Cross cultural experiences have been formative for David. He spent years of his childhood in Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire and has travelled Southeast Asia. David is 35 years old, married and has four children under 7.


Deborah Simmons > Executive Assistant
Here at Asiastar we understand that clear communication is essential to build strong business relationships.With Asiastar since 2016, Deborah (Jumpa) has become the communications link between Lao and English clients to ensure that ideas are clearly passed on and misunderstandings quickly resolved. She has also taken on the role of developing our Cross Cultural trainings and finds fulfillment in seeing cross cultural work environments thrive in diversity. 
What'sApp: 020 55981257
Lar Yang > Business Registration
The Newest member of Asiastar, Lar has quickly become an invaluable asset to the team since joining in 2018. Specialising in vehicle and business registration paperwork, he has proved adept at traversing the often multi-stepped process to ensure fast delivery and quick problem resolution.
Pittaphone Khammany > Education Processes
Working for Asiastar since early 2018 Pittaphone, or Pang for short, is our Ministry of Education expert. She works closely with our clients to ensure paperwork processing is completed with minimum stress and clear understanding is maintained between clients and ministry officials.
Laddavahn Kheokhamfa > Information Analyst
If you've ever thought about starting a new business in LaoP.D.R. but don't know where to start, Laddavanh(Vanh) is your guy. Our information scout,Vanh has been faithfully serving Asiastar clients since 2015. If he doesn't have the answers, he knows where to find it!
We are always looking for great people!

Would you like to work with a young, dynamic team? Are you excited about possibilities and open doors and not afraid of an unknown future?

Asiastar is still very young and as a company we are still discovering who we are and where we want to go when we grow up. Does that sound appealing?

We are looking for capable people who can relate with our core purpose. Does business excite you? Does business with a vision to positively impact people, families and society at large make you jump?

Drop us a line with your CV and we'll get back to you with the positions we still need to fill.