we train and coach.

Training Events, Workshops and Coaching

Training is a vital part of any business. A trained sales person will be so much better to your numbers than someone without a working knowledge of what they are doing. There are many different types of training. Asiastar provides classroom style training sessions, interactive workshops and one-on-one coaching. All training activities are designed to boost your companies effectiveness and thus your bottom line. 

Basic Micro Enterprise Training

The first time around we invited facilitators from South Africa. They ran BEST, a basic business course for people who have at least completed their primary education. The idea is to convey basic business principles to people capable of running a micro enterprise. It is a simulation game. Participants learn by doing, rather than by noting down theoretical knowledge. 


Leadership Workshops

Asiastar is proud of it's leadership workshops. This offering is currently still in closed beta, and we take in participants by invitation only. If you are interested to join our Leadership Workshops or think you know somebody you would like to recommend, please contact us.


Startup Workshops

We are currently in the planning stages of this workshop and will update this area with more info, once we are ready to share it. If this sparks your particular interest or you have ideas you want to make known, please do not hesitate to contact us


One on One Coaching

Asiastar believes in coaching. We know from our own experience that having a good coach is a really important aspect of  running a business, it can even be vital. 

Are you looking for a coach who will help you navigate the treacherous waters of running a business in South East Asia? Search no more. Contact us for more specific information.