our services:


Design is an essential part of any business, but too often it isn't more than an afterthought. Creating an attractive product and communicating effectively is key. Taking your communications efforts to the next level excites us. Communications and Design are something we do with love. 

We have experience in designing logos, letterheads, business cards, websites, email and social media campaigns and just love doing that kind of creative thing!

A Cafe - Fueling Your Creativity


Asiastar has opened a small cafe. We envision this to be a place for creative minds to hang out, connect, drink coffee and shakes and build lasting networks for their businesses. 

With a large selection of books (that can be read on site or purchased), a heavy focus on art and community experiences and meaningful interaction, our cafe will be a sought after place in the city.


Starting up a business in Laos? Need to write an investment proposal, do market research? Want to find trustworthy business partners and tap into our extensive network of small business contacts in Laos?

Our startup assistance for you is a sliding scale. We can coach you on entering Laos or we can run all the paperwork for you.

Every once in a while we run 'start up workshops', a forum style information and networking event for those eager to get started with business in Laos. Stay tuned for the next event coming up.


Training & Workshops


Enabling others to run a business well sums up our core business. One effective way to do it is through classes and workshops.

We provide basic business training for micro entrepreneurs, and have piloted a workshop on business leadership, focusing on local entrepreneurship.

Expatriate start-up founders are an asset for the Lao  economy and we welcome them too. Starting up a business in Laos is a unique challenge and we help where  we can. We have conducted workshops on starting business in Laos in Laos, Singapore, Malaysia and Germany.




At Asiastar we have greatly benefited from external coaches. But often the coaching sessions have been over Skype with a coach who knows nothing about the local situation. This is really helpful, but sometimes we would have wished for a coach who is around and understands the exact circumstances of running a business in the Lao P.D.R.


Do you wish you had a coach right here to help you navigate through building your startup, tough decisions, change management or new product ideas? To us, coaching often means asking the right questions, being a bouncing board and giving input when you get really stuck.

We want to help entrepreneurs and business founders like you to get it right, right from the start.  We tailor our coaching program to your needs, so let us know how we can best help you!